6-Week programs that catalyze your expansion.

Most people desire a happier, more fulfilling life, yet feel too overwhelmed to implement much new positive change. Our group programs cut through the clutter to access the greatest amount of healing and personal expansion in a concentrated amount of time. Get ready for a new life – with these practices and energy activations, there is no going back to the old you

Who Are Our Members

These groups are for people who are ready to upgrade their quality of life – but don’t know how to release what’s been holding them back and can’t see clearly how to get to the next level. They believe in concepts such as energy, past lives and the Higher Self, and are seeking ways to explore them more deeply. Our members want to:

  • Heal their chronic health issues, release pain, and experience wellness
  • Shift their emotional state from anxiety and depression to happiness and peace
  • Feel more energized and mentally clear
  • Have harmonious, connected relationships with others
  • Learn how to love and accept themselves more completely

6-Week programs that catalyze your expansion.

Each 2-hour session will include:


Acquire a variety of holistic tools for accelerated healing and deeper connection to Self.

  • Discover methods such as qi gong, yoga, and self-massage that teach you much about yourself at the same time that they heal you.


Get the opportunity to check in with yourself and find out what’s really going on for you right now, clear out stagnant energy, and identify best strategies for self-support.

  • These conversations orient around learning more about your Personality Type and how it plays a role in your interpretation of your experiences.


Learn ancient self-mastery practices that transform your ability to wield energy for your Greatest Good.

  • Acquire secret knowledge for greatly expanding your healing and advancement such as healing karmic patterns, grounding/clearing your energetic field, activating your pineal gland (3rd eye), activating your soul blueprint and more.


Experience energy activations and guided visualizations that release the obstacles and expand access to higher vibrational energies.

  • Each session will include a group remote quantum acupuncture treatment (no needles) with guided visualization that puts you in a deep trance state and activates sleeping DNA.


Connect with a safe group of high-vibration people and amplify the power of the alchemy happening each session.

  • It is time for those of us working on elevating our consciousness to unite and create our New Earth tribe
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