Reversing the effects of candida with acupuncture

Candida Overgrowth and acupuncture - Candice Thomas Licensed Acupuncturist Tucson
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What is candida but a yeast infection? Why do you need to know about yeast infections?

Because you know what? It is behind so many ‘mystery illnesses’. When we get patients coming in with a crazy long list of symptoms: headaches, weird skin conditions, mental fog, constipation, chronic fatigue, other immune disease… There is all these things going on… There is usually a common root going on of candida overgrowth.

So candida grows naturally in the gut, it’s supposed to be there in a very small amount and we need an extremely large amount of probiotics – good bacteria that lives in our gut – to control it. So why do we need it to be controlled? Because really, most of the way that we eat serves as food for yeast and it can really take over the body. So what happens is when we take antibiotics… this wipes out our control over yeast.

Antibiotics kills bad bacteria, unfortunately, they also kill all our good bacteria that we needed to aid in the digestive process and now yeast is also allowed to take control and just run rampant through the body.

It feeds on sugar, it runs on acidic pH – which we get that from eating meat products. It feeds on progesterone – which is a female hormone, the women struggle with these infections even more than men… It can run through the whole body. You might have yeast infection, you might have fungal nails, you might have rashes, … Even if you don’t, it could be going on in the background.

We have a really straight forward way of dealing with it. I have a very simple test that I ask my patients to take at home, it’s free. I have a few products that I’m really a believer in and candida is extremely tricky to get rid from. It knows how to mutate, it knows how to hide in body fat and wait for other courses of treatment to pass.

It is really quite smart, so we have to be smart about how you treat it. Between acupuncture, the herbal products that I use, and a pretty strict diet limiting sugar, we are able to really reverse some long standing illness.

People feel amazing when they start to get control over candida. Again this is often the most “unexplained problem” behind feeling crappy for years and years…

Reversing this takes six months to a year, it’s not a quick process. Acupuncture is helping repair the intestines. Candida has these barbs on it that bore right through the lining of the intestines and our waste products are allowed now to flood the blood stream and this causes other immune responses and fatigue.

So we are able to get all of this reversed and under control by treating candida. If you think you might be having a candida problem going on in the background, please give us a call and come in, we can really help you turn your health around. Thanks so much!

Candice Thomas, Licensed Acupuncturist
Owner of LightWorks Acupuncture, a Holistic Medical Center.
LightWorks Acupuncture: 520-318-5560

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