Quantum Healing
Hypnosis (QHHT)

QHHT is a rare form of hypnosis.

​Founded by the great Dolores Cannon, which takes you into the deepest trance state possible, called the theta state. This allows the ego mind to be silenced, giving you access to your full quantum self – your eternal consciousness which has the ability to fully heal you in whatever way you require. ​

This deeply transformational experience includes a past-life regression, an interview with your Higher Consciousness which answers all your questions about the mysteries of your life, and physical/mental/emotional healing.​

Miracle healings are not uncommon – reversals of disease, repair/regrowth of damaged/missing tissue, healing of broken bones, release from addictions, karmic healing, and more. 

Get to experience what most people describe as the most important encounter of their life!


  • 5-7 hour session: $600
    • All QHHT sessions are done in-person, not available remotely
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