Access Your
Inner Magic

Transitions are uncomfortable.

Sometimes you may find yourself in the difficult transition between leaving what you don’t want and accessing what you do want. Often this feels like anxiety, depression or even a state of paralysis. This is an ideal time to meet with Dre Jones.

In the safe space he creates, answers emerge, providing the reassurance and guidance you need to navigate the journey. Dre communes directly with your Highest Self and relays your messages, bringing a clarity that unveils new options and directions.

Additionally, Dre channels healing energy transmissions directly from Source during your time together. Whether it is individually or an entire room, these activations dissolve energy blockages that were holding you back, and prompts higher-vibration DNA to turn on.

Dre’s mediumship services offer a guiding light, catalyzing you from the shadows into the brilliance of your greatest and most authentic self.

How Dre Can Help

  • Release of medication (anxiety, depression, etc)
  • Rediscover their passion and obtain their goals (finish college, find their dream job, finish their passion project etc)
  • Stabilize relationships or transform them to a healthier platform
  • Deliver life savings messages
  • Bring healing energy transmission
  • Transmit messages from past loved ones

Medium Services

Intuitive Life Coaching Services

  • Individual Spiritual Life Coaching (Phone, In Person, Online)
    – $150
  • Private Group Spiritual Facilitation
    – ($500 for first 6 people
    – $79 additional up to 12 people)
  • Public Event Healings
    – Call to inquire

Meet Dre

Dre Jones has come to know his Higher Self as “Source’s Scribe.” He receives messages directly from Source, for the greatest good of all. With a blend of wisdom and compassion, he takes great joy in illuminating paths, helping individuals embrace their spiritual essence and find fulfillment on their unique journeys. 

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