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Candice Thomas Acupuncturist - Enlarged prostate & Acupuncture
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Hi, I am Candice Thomas, I am an integrative acupuncturist and the owner of LifeWorks Acupuncture. I wanted to let you know that I specialize in men’s health and the reason I think that’s worth mentioning because almost no acupuncturist do specialize in men’s health and the common ailment of enlarged prostate. I find that it’s really a need that needs to be filled.

A problem of course, in men’s health has to do with enlarged prostate, a condition also called ‘benign prostatic hypotrophy’ and enlarged prostate is such a common problem for men… Men aged 50, the statics say that fifty present of men already will be struggling with issues related to enlarged prostate and by the time that they are aged 80, 80% of men will be struggling with this problem.

So it’s a major problem and yet western medicine really doesn’t have very effective treatment for it. The main complaint that men have with enlarged prostrate of course is urinary problems.

They are unable to void their bladder, and running to the bath room every ten minutes, feeling like you have to go so badly and then you hardly release anything and it’s just a terrible cycle, particularly at night when guys are having to get up three, four, five times. They are not getting sleep, they are not recovering and health really starts to go downhill pretty quick over this. And of course depression is right behind it.

Now they are very, very frustrated and it starts to make them feel old before their time. And there is really no reason for it! Acupuncture is amazingly effective at reversing enlarged prostate. Now of course men are immediately wondering: Where the hell do you put those needles? Don’t worry, I don’t stick them on where the sun don’t shine, it actually go under lower abdomen. It is about a six months course of treatment.

What’s happening is the prostate is hurting him and swelling and it’s put on a swollen pressure under the urethra, closing it down. So we need to reverse inflammation, we need to soften the tissue, but this takes a little time.

I have people coming in twice a week for some few weeks and then we go down to once a week and we do that for about 6 months. But you know what, men are reporting sleeping through the night, within really two weeks of beginning treatment. And to me this is key, because you need to rest to recover.

So as soon as we get you sleeping better, you are starting to feel quite  a bit better, and then the number of times  of running to the bathroom during the day is greatly reduced.

We do see progress pretty quickly, but to really reverse the size of the prostate you need a little time. But in general, you don’t want surgery in this area and surgery isn’t even really that successful. Most of them meds that they give you cause sexual side effects, we don’t want that either. So acupuncture is going to reverse the prostate and boost testosterone l levels, boost man’s energy. You’ll be feeling much more than a vital sexy guy in really just a few weeks. Give me a call and let me help you. Thanks so much!

Candice Thomas, Licensed Acupuncturist
Owner of LightWorks Acupuncture, a Holistic Medical Center.
LightWorks Acupuncture: 520-318-5560

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