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Quantum healing for the quantum self

LightWorks SoulCare in Tucson, AZ is a pioneer in the most advanced techniques for healing at the quantum level. This concept of the “Quantum Self” is not well known in mainstream medicine, yet it is the leading edge area of study at research facilities around the world. It refers to your entire energy body, which is exponentially larger than your physical body. We offer rare techniques for accessing these aspects of you, which enable you to heal the unimaginably deeper and more complex reasons for your unwellness.

The need for this sort of approach slowly revealed itself to our founder, Candice Thomas. She asked every patient to take a personality-type quiz, allowing her to track health patterns by personality type over many years. This uncovered far more information than she ever could have imagined. The personality types are different ego templates, and she came to see how much they freeze us inside limiting beliefs, and drive our health outcomes. She also came to see that the ones who really got better were the ones with a sense of joyfulness and meaning.

This became further validated and expanded upon when she began implementing Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a very rare form of hypnosis which accesses the Higher Self. Gaining access to such high-level information and Guidance gave her a greatly expanded perspective. Much was revealed to her about the true reasons we become ill, and the galactic methods for healing these.

Combining her 30+ years of study and experience across multiple mainstream and alternative disciplines, plus her own remarkable intuitive healing abilities, she created The LightWorks Approach. This revolutionary method of layering in a variety of innovative therapies at once is the future of holistic medicine as we move into a new era of heightened consciousness.

Meet the Staff

Candice Thomas

Vitality Catalyst

Candice Thomas is the founder of LightWorks SoulCare. An acupuncturist, QHHT practitioner, Enneagram teacher, and intuitive healer, she brings much rare wisdom and skill to her treatments and workshops.

Candice is passionate about empowering others to release what holds them back so that they may step into their happiest, healthiest life. She discovered early that in order for people to do this, they must become more self-aware about what is going on in their bodies, their minds, their hearts and their unseen energy field. All of her varied endeavors are created with that intention. Her book series Your Vitality Personality will be released Spring 2024.

In her medical practice, she has the remarkable ability to assess all of the complex factors at play that are generating the patient’s current health/life scenario, and create exclusive, dynamic treatments that heal at many levels at the same time. This brings extraordinary results as well as profound insightst and elevated quality of life.

Andraé L. Jones

Intuitive Life Coach

From a tender age, Dre Jones exhibited extraordinary psychic abilities. Clairaudience, clairvoyance, communicating with the spiritual realm, seeing the past and future, feeling the emotions of others, and channeling Source light are only some of the many magnificent gifts he embodies.

Enjoying work in the public sector as an entrepreneur and life coach, Dre’s impactful work extends to
● Helping families heal destructive dynamics and connect at a higher level
● Guiding couples towards healthy boundaries, respectful communication, and deeper intimacy
● Coaching young adults towards successful autonomy
● Initiating fully processing heavy emotions like grief, fear, anger and shame in order to move forward
● Reigniting passion and a sense of purpose

Having devoted his life to developing his special talents while also living in service, Dre Jones steps forward as a loving, compassionate, and intensely powerful healer.

Feedback from our patients

Not only does my body feel great, my mood is so much better and I have a totally different outlook on life!


QHHT answered the question I had been asking, and the answer resonates in every part of my being.


Candice is so amazing and skilled with her gift! She gave me peace, healing and comfort.


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